Where Do Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce Live? (2024)

After playing on opposing teams in the Super Bowl, NFL stars and brothers Travis Kelce (Kansas City Chiefs) and Jason Kelce (Philadelphia Eagles) embraced each other emotionally, leaving fans teary-eyed. After seeing that emotional moment between the Kelce brothers, I decided to find out more about their life. Where does Travis Kelce live? Where does Jason Kelce Live? Do the Kelce brothers live near each other? Here is what I found out.

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Where Does Travis Kelce Live?

Travis Kelce, the star tight end of the Kansas City Chiefs, has recently moved to a lavish mansion in Leawood, KS, a suburb of Kansas City. The 17,000-square-foot estate, which he bought for $6 million, features six bedrooms, six bathrooms, a wine cellar, a media lounge, a full bar, and a chef’s kitchen.

The property also boasts a stunning pool area, an outdoor kitchen, and a tennis/pickleball court. Kelce’s new home is located in a gated community on 3.5 acres of land, offering him more privacy and security than his previous residence in Kansas City’s Briarcliff West neighborhood.

Kelce, who has been dating pop star Taylor Swift since September, reportedly wanted a more secluded place to avoid the paparazzi and the fans who would flock to his former home.

Kelce, who has won two Super Bowls with the Chiefs and signed a $57 million contract extension, can now enjoy his success and his romance in his luxurious new abode.

Where did Travis Kelce Live Before?

Travis Kelce used to live in a 4 bedroom home in Briarcliff, an upscale neighborhood near Kansas City. It’s a smaller home which he paid just under $1 million. Travis Kelce’s old home was only 4,100 square feet with amenities like a wine cellar, gym, pool, and office while his new home is 17,000 square feet. The new home is definitely a major upgrade for Travis Kelce!

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Where is Leawood, KS?

Leawood, KS is an upscale suburb of Kansas City. With a population of about 35,000, Leawood is known for its upscale neighborhoods, parks, golf courses, and shopping centers. Some of the attractions in Leawood include the Leawood City Park, the Ironwoods Park, the Town Center Plaza, and the Prairiefire Museum.

Leawood is a convenient location for Travis Kelce since it’s only a 25 minute drive to Arrowhead Stadium, the home of the Kansas City Chiefs.

He used to live in Briarcliff West, an affluent neighborhood that is 20 miles from Leawood.

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Where Does Jason Kelce Live?

Jason Kelce, the Philadelphia Eagles star, lives in Haverford, a suburb of Philadelphia. He owns two adjacent lots in Haverford, and these lots comprise of two four-bedroom homes sitting on a large lot that is over 8 acres! Jason purchased the first lot for $680,000 and later bought the home next door for $3.96 million. With plenty of space, he can easily have his brother Travis Kelce over for a visit!

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Where is Haverford, PA?

Haverford is a charming suburb of Philadelphia, located in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. It’s a great place to live with the perfect mix of small-town vibes and access to urban amenities. Jason Kelce lives just 30 minutes away from Lincoln Financial Field, the home stadium of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Jason Kelce’s Summer Home

During the summer, Jason Kelce loves to unwind and relax at his three-story townhouse located in the beautiful town of Sea Isle City on Jersey Shore. With amazing water views and large outdoor decks, Jason’s beach house is the perfect place to chill. He purchased the townhouse for $2.2 million.

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Where is Sea Isle City, NJ?

Sea Isle City is a beautiful coastal town located on the Jersey Shore in Cape May County, New Jersey. It’s a popular destination for tourists and locals alike, known for its stunning beaches, a bustling boardwalk, and lively nightlife. No wonder Jason Kelce has a beach house on the Jersey Shore! Sea Isle City is a town with a friendly vibe- it’s a great place for Jason to relax and soak up the sun!

Although the Kelce brothers don’t live in the same town, they have plenty of space in their homes for each other to come and stay awhile! So whenever they feel like hanging out or just need some sibling bonding time, they can make it happen.

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Where Do Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce Live? (2024)
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