Sams Club Gas Station Price (2024)

1. Gas prices - Fuel Center in Las Vegas, NV - Sam's Club

  • Price may vary. Actual price is on the fuel pump. club map (opens a new window) ...

2. Fuel Center in Las Vegas, NV - Sam's Club

  • Gas prices ; Unleaded. 3.36 ; Premium. 4.04 ; Diesel. 3.68.

3. Sam's Club Fuel Center

  • Regular, premium, or diesel – our fuel center has the fuel you need to keep going. Save today with members-only prices in Hagerstown, MD. Read more · Sam's Club ...

4. Fuel Center in Miami, FL - Sam's Club

5. Fuel Center in Long Beach, CA - Sam's Club

  • Gas prices. Unleaded. 3.89. 9. 10. Premium. 4.19. 9 ...

6. Fuel Center in Dallas, TX - Sam's Club

  • Gas prices ; Unleaded. 2.94 ; Premium. 3.29 ; Diesel. 3.41.

7. Sam's Club Fuel Center Details

  • —PRICING: All members pay $7 per car wash unless your location is running a promo. What to do if you receive an error at the Fuel Pumps?

  • Do I have to be a Member?

8. Fuel Center in El Monte, CA - Sam's Club

  • Gas prices ; Unleaded. 3.99 ; Premium. 4.39 ; Diesel. 4.59.

9. Fuel Center in Lakeland, FL - Sam's Club

  • Find other clubs. Make this your club. Gas prices. Unleaded. 3.27. 9. 10. Premium. 4.09. 9. 10. Diesel. 3.58. 9. 10. Price may vary. Actual price is on the fuel ...

10. Who Has Better Gas Prices: Costco or Sam's Club? - The Motley Fool

  • 30 jul 2023 · But what's clear is that both clubs offer steep fuel discounts compared to the average. For example, AAA says the average per-gallon gas price ...

  • Buying gas at Costco or Sam's Club could save you more than $70 annually. Read on to find out about how cheap their prices are compared to the average.

11. Sams club gas station hi-res stock photography and images - Alamy

  • RM B76TBE–Sam's Club gas station at sunset showing price sign and awning with cars underneath at pumps. heart_plus. download shopping_cart.

  • Find the perfect sams club gas station stock photo, image, vector, illustration or 360 image. Available for both RF and RM licensing.

Sams Club Gas Station Price (2024)


Why did Sam's Club gas charge me $100? ›

Credit/Debit cards have a $100 - $150 pre-authorization (varies by state) that occurs to ensure funds are available for the entire fuel purchase, since we don't know how much fuel will be dispensed and it cannot be returned.

Is a Sam's Club membership worth it just for gas? ›

The basic membership is $50 a year. If you save, on average, about $0.10/gallon at Sam's Club Fuel stations, depending on your vehicle you can save around $73 a year. That more than makes up for the membership fee.

What is Sam's Club pricing strategy? ›

Sam's Club is committed to providing the absolute lowest prices. Each club has the option to match another club's pricing but clearance or markdown items won't be matched. A product's cost fluctuations may vary from day-to-day depending on business or economic conditions and the item itself.

How much does Sam's Club save you on gas? ›

If your gas tank holds 15 gallons and you fuel up once a week at one of the above locations with $0.10 to $0.50 in savings per gallon, you will likely save upwards of $100 a year, making this an easy “yes” to signing up for a Sam's Club membership since you'll more than earn back the cost for regular Club membership.

Why does it say I spent $100 on gas? ›

The $100 hold ensures that there are enough funds on your card to pay for gas. When you're finished pumping, the station will charge you for the actual purchase amount, and the $100 gas hold will be released once the transaction is completed, which can take several days.

Why did I get charged $150 for gas? ›

It's called a "pre-authorization hold, " and they are getting bigger as gas prices rise. Kroger, the nation's largest grocery chain, raised the temporary hold from $125 to $150, meaning you must have $150 in your checking account to buy gas with a debit card. Luckily, the charge was removed 24 hours later.

Whose gas is better, Costco or Sam's Club? ›

While both Costco and Sam's Club offer unleaded, premium, and diesel fuels (here's how to know which you should be getting), only Costco offers Top Tier fuel. If you don't have a Costco membership, you can still find Top Tier gas at other stations. “Yes, Top Tier gas is worth the extra money,” CarFax reported.

Can I use my Sam's Club card at Walmart gas station? ›

You cannot use a Sam's Club Private Label Credit Card at Walmart gas stations.

Why is Walmart gas so much cheaper? ›

When gas prices hit over $3 a gallon, “members love us” and shift their gas spending to the club. Gas discounts are a tool Walmart uses to encourage customers to sign up for Walmart+ memberships, which also offer free shipping and discounts on prescriptions.

Who is cheaper, Costco or Sam's Club? ›

Costco's membership fees are more expensive and the prices of basic products at Sam's Club are generally cheaper. Costco has more stores worldwide, but Sam's Club has more stores in the U.S.

Is the 14.99 Sam's Club membership real? ›

The Sam's Club $14.99 promotion is hosted by StackCommerce and offers new members a substantial discount on a 1-year membership, which normally retails for $45. Also included is a free $10 Sam's Club eGift card, a limited-time bonus.

What does .98 mean at Sam's Club? ›

98, . 88, . 04, or . 24 that's a marked-down item. But here's the real clue: on clearance items, look in the upper right corner of the tag, that little number means the percentage you are saving.

Does Walmart Plus discount Sam's gas? ›

Fuel Benefit

Using the Walmart app, Walmart+ members will receive 10¢ off per gallon at Exxon & Mobil stations, up to 10¢ off at select Walmart & Murphy stations, and member prices at Sam's Club fuel centers.

Do Sam's Plus members get 2% back on gas? ›

If you're a Plus member using a Sam's Club Mastercard, you can earn 5% Sam's Cash back on gas, 3% on Sam's Club purchases, 3% on dining and 1% on other purchases.

Do you earn Sam's cash on fuel? ›

Sam's Cash cannot be earned on certain product categories such as: Alcoholic beverages, tobacco, fuel, certain dairy products, gift cards, etc.

Why did the gas station charge me $125? ›

What are pre-authorization charges? A gas hold is a gas station payment processing method that places an authorization hold on your account for an amount ranging from $1 to $125, and leaves it there until your actual transaction clears.

How long does the gas station hold your money? ›

The $50 hold will remain until the transaction clears, which can take 48-72 hours. In these transactions, gas stations determine the amount of the hold and card issuers determine its length. Gas stations, however, do not keep the difference between the hold amount and the amount purchased.

Why did Costco gas charge me $100? ›

A: When fuel is purchased with a PIN debit card or Visa card, Costco requests a "pre-authorization" from the card issuer before beginning the fueling process. This is a temporary hold that assures Costco will be paid for fuel dispensed. The "pre-authorized" amount is approved by the card issuer and may be up to $150.

Why do pay at pump take 100? ›

Petrol pumps at major supermarkets put a £100 retainer on your card as that is usually the maximum you can spend ad a pump. It's for when you try and cheat the pay at pump system.

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