Funeral Christina Erika Lee (2024)

1. Erica Christina Lee, (1985 - 2019) - Online Memorials

  • This online memorial is dedicated to Erica Christina Lee. It is a place to celebrate her life by sharing fond memories, photos, music and more.

2. Erica Lee Kirkendall Obituary - Visitation & Funeral Information

  • 23 jan 2017 · Erica L. Kirkendall, 38, passed away on Monday, January 23, 2017. She was born on June 7, 1978, in Toledo, OH. Her family moved to Florida ...

  • Share Memories and Support the Family.

3. Christopher Lee dead: Lord of the Rings and horror film legend dies ...

4. Riddle of Christopher Lee's will after his £48k estate was reduced to 'nil'

  • 26 dec 2015 · Riddle of Dracula star Christopher Lee's will after his £48,000 estate was reduced to 'nil' following his death. Actor played Dracula nine times ...

  • Sir Christopher Lee, who played Dracula nine times (pictured) left a real-life mystery over his finances when he died aged 93 in June – he failed to leave a penny in his will covering his UK assets.

5. Erica Lee - Asst. Coach - Staff Directory - Whitworth University

  • Erica is in her second year as the assistant coach of the women's tennis team in 2021-22. She played at Whitworth from 2016-2020.

  • Erica is in her second year as the assistant coach of the women’s tennis team in 2021-22. She played at Whitworth from 2016-2020. She played number one singles and

6. Obituaries - Kane Funeral Home

  • Erica Rose Silcox. July 4, 2024. Veteran Tag · Cynthia Smith ... Lee Thomas Hagel. February 22, 2024. Veteran Tag · Violet Perotta.

  • Obituaries - Kane Funeral Home

7. Death notices - Dunedin - Gillions Funeral Services

  • Loved Mother and Mother-in-law of Bevan and Christine, Ricky and Rose, Debbie and Steve More, and Robin. ... Lee-Anne (for over 30 years), Toke, Mikara, Georga, ...

  • This page list the current funeral services being looked after by Gillions Funeral Services, in the Dunedin and Otago regions.

8. Westland Funeral Services Obituaries

  • LEE Boletta Margaret (Maggie) · David Neame2024-06-04T03:41:10-04:00May 22nd ... Dearly loved mum and mother-in-law of Vanessa & Gared, Brett & Megan, Erika, and ...

  • Westland Funeral Services Obituaries funeral planning coping with death Do you need help? Call us now: Phone: (03) 768 0250

Funeral Christina Erika Lee (2024)


Funeral Christina Erika Lee? ›

Services will be held at The Old North Church on Saturday, March 30, 2019, doors opening at 8:30am and services starting promptly at 9am. The procession to her final resting place, up the hill, and burial will follow at approximately 10:15am.

What does Christopher Lee's daughter do? ›

Is Christopher Lee a descendant of Charlemagne? ›

Conversation. Christopher Lee is descended from Emperor Charlemagne of the Holy Roman Empire, related to Robert E. Lee the Confederate general, and nearly married into the Crown of Sweden. Also his military service stories inspired his cousin to create James Bond.

Was Christopher Lee in Harry Potter? ›

Christopher Lee's name quickly rose to the top of the list of possibilities. However, Lee refused to even consider the part, claiming that the gossip surrounding the part after Harris' death was distasteful. The drama surrounding Dumbledore's casting would put him off from ever acting in the franchise.

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