Fredericksburg Trip Recap (2024)

Elliott and I are back from a wonderful trip to Fredericksburg, Texas. Fredericksburg is such a charming town, nestled in the heart of Texas Hill Country – a perfect blend of German heritage and Texas hospitality.

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Fredericksburg Highlights

We chose to visit Fredericksburg because it’s easy to get to (a 4 hour drive), and such a darling town with a slow place and lots to see and do.

Here are some highlights:

  1. German Heritage:
    • Fredericksburg was founded by German immigrants in 1846. The town retains its German roots with historic buildings, authentic German cuisine, and festivals like Oktoberfest. You’ll see “Willkommen” on restaurants, shops and hotels – it means “Welcome” in German.
  2. Wineries Galore:
    • It’s a haven for wine lovers! With over 50 wineries and vineyards in the area, you can enjoy wine tastings and vineyard tours, making it a delightful destination for a wine weekend. We didn’t visit any wineries (Elliott and wine don’t agree!), but I’ve been to one with my girlfriends years ago and we had so much fun.
  3. Scenic Beauty:
    • The town is surrounded by beautiful rolling hills, wildflower fields, and the iconic Enchanted Rock. It’s perfect for hiking, photography, or just enjoying the serene landscapes. We hiked Enchanted Rock during our stay and it was a great way to start the day.
  4. Unique Shopping:
    • Main Street is lined with quaint shops and boutiques, offering everything from handcrafted jewelry to vintage antiques. It’s a great place to find unique souvenirs and gifts.
  5. Delicious Food:
    • Besides German fare, Fredericksburg offers a diverse culinary scene. You can savor everything from farm-to-table dishes to classic Texas BBQ. We ate some good food during our visit, more on that below.
  6. Historical Sites:
    • Visit the National Museum of the Pacific War, dedicated to Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, a Fredericksburg native. The town’s historical significance adds a rich layer to its charm. My friend Kelly said this is a Must See, but with only 48 hours, we didn’t make it.
  7. Local Festivals:
    • The town hosts various festivals throughout the year, including the Fredericksburg Food & Wine Fest, Hill Country Film Festival, and the Christmas Wine Affair. Each event is a vibrant celebration of local culture and community.
  8. Friendly Atmosphere:
    • The people in Fredericksburg are incredibly welcoming, making you feel at home as you explore the town’s many attractions. It’s also dog friendly. We saw several cuties on leashes walking up and down Main Street.


It takes about 4 hours to drive to Fredericksburg from Houston. We left around 11 am and stopped for BBQ in Dripping Springs.

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Pig Pen BBQ is renowned for its classic Texas-style barbecue. It’s laid-back and family-friendly, with a rustic charm and occasionally, live music.

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We got brisket, ribs, potato salad and then I went back for the jalapeño cheese sausage links. Everything was good, but the sausage was my fave.


We stayed at a quaint little VRBO, located just two blocks from Main Street. That was a perfect location because we could just walk .4 miles and be there.

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There was a little seating area outside the front door where I enjoyed my morning coffee.

Fredericksburg Trip Recap (9)

And a small pool with a hot tub.

Fredericksburg Trip Recap (10)

Inside, was studio style with a comfy bed and pillows. I brought my Barefoot Dreams throw😉

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We didn’t eat in the room, although there was a little table and kitchen. As you can see, I also brought my portable Keurig because I didn’t realize they had a coffee maker.

The bathroom and shower were spacious and there was a tiny closet. Everything was perfect for our short stay, but I will say that the air conditioner kept me awake at night because it was so loud. Only that part wasn’t great.

Main Street Shops

We got there at late afternoon and strolled over to Main Street. The shops there close early, around 6 p.m. so we only had time to pop into a few. But we did grab a margarita at Pioneer, where they had just celebrated their 5 year anniversary.

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Hondo’s On Main

For the evening, we went to Hondo’s, a beloved restaurant and bar known for it’s large patio bar and live music. It’s a self serve restaurant with a pretty extensive menu and you order at one of two bars, then pick up your order at the kitchen window when it’s ready.

I got the baked goat cheese salad with a skewer of chicken and the chicken was actually delicious.

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To drink, I got a jalapeño margarita with salt and that was so good too. They put a bunch of fresh jalapeños in it!

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We sat outside at one of their picnic style tables and a woman in her 70’s joined us. Her name was Ellen and she said she came there every Friday night by herself! I loved that. She knew the band and when they took a break, one of them came over and joined us too. It was so fun chatting with them!

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I got a picture of this sweet family who was dancing and when they sat down, I went over and got her number and texted her the photo. She was so appreciative.

Parking is limited and you can check out the band schedule before you go.

Enchanted Rock

The next morning we got up early to hike Enchanted Rock. It was about a 20 minute drive from where we stayed and we arrived around 7 am, while the temperature was still bearable. We were lucky that it wasn’t that hot and humid that morning. Actually, we caught some wind, especially at the top.

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Enchanted Rock is a massive pink granite dome rising over Central Texas. It’s one of the largest exposed granite formations in North America. The dome rises about 425 feet above the surrounding terrain, offering breathtaking views of the Texas Hill Country. The rock is estimated to be over a billion years old, making it one of the oldest geological features in the region.

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The rock holds significant cultural importance for several Native American tribes. It is considered a sacred site, with legends and folklore surrounding its mystical properties.

The park offers a variety of trails, ranging from easy walks to challenging climbs. The most popular is the Summit Trail, which leads to the top of Enchanted Rock, providing panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

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The park offers primitive camping sites, allowing visitors to enjoy the natural beauty of the area overnight. The area is also a designated as an International Dark Sky Park, making it an excellent spot for stargazing.

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Something about this experience makes you all lovey dovey!

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Similar TankSports BraShortsSocksSneakersHatWatch Band

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The hike wasn’t difficult, although there was a pretty steep spot at one point. It only took about 30 minutes to get to the top and we saw lots of families with young kids on the trail.

The park is popular and can reach capacity, especially on weekends. It’s recommended to make a reservation in advance to ensure entry.

Bring essentials like water, sun protection and sturdy shoes.

Hill & Vine

After the hike, we went to the cutest restaurant for brunch. The ambiance was spectacular both inside and out. It was a beautiful spot for breakfast, but would also be great for a date night.

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Hill & Vine emphasizes fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The menu changes seasonally to reflect the availability of fresh produce and meats.

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Sunday Supply

Next door is Sunday Supply, a cute coffee shop that also sells wine, snacks and picnic eats.

Fredericksburg Trip Recap (31)

Elliott and I sat outside for a bit and that’s when he opened up on Stories. If you want to see some videos of him and get to know his personality better, I saved the Stories to a highlight – “FBG”.

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I got an iced cold brew with half and half.

Shops on Main

We headed back out to Main Street and had fun popping into shops and just strolling and people watching.

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Fredericksburg Trip Recap (37)
Fredericksburg Trip Recap (38)

Lock Stock & Barrel was one of my favorite stores. They have everything from home goods to books to gourmet foods.

Fredericksburg Trip Recap (39)

But you also have to stop by Rustin’ Rob’s for all the samples of sauces, dips, and spreads.

Fredericksburg Trip Recap (40)

Lots of cute coffee and dessert shops too.

Fredericksburg Trip Recap (41)

Lots of places off a FREE beer or drinks to go. Frozen is definitely the way to go in the summer months!

Burger Burger

We ate lunch at Burger Burger. They have a nice patio where you can sit outside and people watch as you eat and drink. I got the BLTA and it was amazing!!

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78624 The Bar

Before dinner drinks at 78624 The Bar. It’s a perfect spot to sit and enjoy the cool vibe. They serve everything from fine wines, craft beer, co*cktails and charcuterie.

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Dress (similar here & here) Heels

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Two glasses of wine is my limit. See?!

Crossroads Saloon & Steakhouse

We were late to our reservation at Crossroads, but they held our reservation after a short wait. Crossroads is cool because, like the name suggests, it’s a steakhouse and saloon with a bar and live music.

We waited for our table in the saloon and made friends with a couple on their first date. Turns out, they met on But the coolest part is she was 70 and he was in his 80s! And on their first date! They asked us to dine with them and we did. I was honored to get to be on their first date – but also surprised that they wanted us to join them. They were super cute!

And by the way, my dinner was delicious. I got the filet minion.

Sunset Grill

A local resident recommended Sunset Grill for breakfast, and we went there on our last morning in town. Heads up, they just moved about half a mile from their original location.

We were there on their opening weekend in their new place and it was bustlin! The servers were friendly and efficient and Elliott said it was his favorite meal of the weekend – the Santa Fe Omelette.

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Fredericksburg Trip Recap (49)

We even found some cute roadside stops on the way home.

Fredericksburg Trip Recap (50)
Fredericksburg Trip Recap (51)

It’s peach season so we couldn’t resist!

Johnson City Coffee Co

We passed this coffee shop on the way into Fredericksburg and I knew I wanted to go back on the way home.

Fredericksburg Trip Recap (52)


I’m so glad we stopped! It’s got Magnolia Market vibes inside.

Fredericksburg Trip Recap (53)
Fredericksburg Trip Recap (54)
Fredericksburg Trip Recap (55)

Iced Americano with half and half and cold foam – DELICIOUS!!!

This was such a good trip and helped Elliott and I reconnect with that special one-on-one time. We had great conversations talking about everything from our relationship, the kids, our health and careers.

As close as we are, we know we need this kind of time and space to recharge our relational batteries.

We decided that our goal is to get away for a weekend every quarter. He planned this trip, so the next one is on me. It’ll be another road trip, where should we go next? I’m thinking Round Top, but am open to suggestions! Let me know in the comments!

Have a fantastic day friend!

Fredericksburg Trip Recap (2024)
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