'All American Pastimes': Sumner's annual Fourth of July parade (2024)


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'All American Pastimes': Sumner's annual Fourth of July parade


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  • Jessica Kennedy
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The S-E-M cheerleaders and marching band kick off the Sumner Fourth of July parade on Thursday.

  • Jessica Kennedy photos, Lexington Clipper-Herald

The family of Doug (Tub) and Carol Hoos dress up in crazy costumes to recreate characters from past floats that Tub entered in the Sumner parade.

  • Jessica Kennedy, Lexington Clipper-Herald

The family of Joe Dodd decorated a float in remembrance. Dodd passed away earlier this year and was to have been the grand marshal in this year’s parade.

  • Jessica Kennedy, Lexington Clipper-Herald

A member of the Tri-County Shriners Club slaps hands with a boy during the Sumner Fourth of July Parade on Thursday.

  • Jessica Kennedy, Lexington Clipper-Herald

The Sumner Saddle Club on their "Bring on the Beer" float put on a competition between "Team USA" and the "Germans" for the Sumner Fourth of July Parade.

  • Jessica Kennedy, Lexington Clipper-Herald

Mary Heusman, a Sumner native, smiles through the last few blocks of the parade on Thursday.

  • Jessica Kennedy, Lexington Clipper-Herald

The streets of Sumner were lined with families picking up candy during the annual parade on Thursday.

  • Jessica Kennedy, Lexington Clipper-Herald

Shaelynn Rasmussen of Burwell rides in the parade as the 2023 Cedar County Rodeo Queen before appearing in the Sumner Rodeo.

  • Jessica Kennedy, Lexington Clipper-Herald

Sumner native, state Sen. Teresa Ibach, and her family toss candy during the parade.

  • Jessica Kennedy, Lexington Clipper-Herald

Janna Eberle tosses out bouncy balls from the passenger window as her husband, Bruce, drives the Tub's Pub float in the Sumner parade.

  • Jessica Kennedy, Lexington Clipper-Herald

The S-E-M Class of 1974 float passes out candy as they enjoy their ride down the streets of Sumner on Thursday.

  • Jessica Kennedy, Lexington Clipper-Herald

Julie Kearney and Alicia McCarter pass out candy from an Overton Golf Course cart.

  • Jessica Kennedy, Lexington Clipper-Herald

A United States Army helicopter flies over the parade Thursday morning in Sumner. The helicopter landed on the S-E-M football field before taking flight again hours later during the rodeo.

  • Jessica Kennedy, Lexington Clipper-Herald
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Jessica Kennedy

SUMNER — The Sumner Fourth of July festivities always draw a large crowd to the small town.

Sumner’s parade theme for 2024 was “All American Pastimes.”

Events for the five-day celebration started Sunday with a church service in the Sumner Park.

In the afternoon, one could find children gathered outside the Sumner Commercial Club for the turtle and toad race.

On Wednesday, the 75th annual Sumner Rodeo kicked off.

Spectators and contestants from all around got to cool off when a rainstorm rolled through.

The 7:30 p.m. start was pushed back to after 8 p.m. due to lightning.

Much of the crowd decided to head home, but the true rodeo fans waited out the worst part of the storm in their cars before returning to the stands to finish out the rodeo in the rain.

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The first night of the rodeo lasted until 11 p.m.

Despite the rain, community members and rodeo attenders enjoyed the sounds of The Platinum Pearls as the planned street dance moved inside Tub’s Pub.

The main event of the celebration came Thursday morning.

Paradegoers started to arrive an hour and a half early to secure the “best” spots along the parade’s route.

The route started at the Sumner school and went south by the park before making its way back on Main Street by Tub’s Pub.

The S-E-M marching band and cheerleaders led the parade through town.

Entrants in the parade included everything from old cars and tractors to a “beer chugging” float.

“I think my favorite float was Tub’s family float,” said Sumner resident Kelsey Stolp. “It was really funny to see what costumes they had came up with from past floats of Tub’s.”

The grand marshals were Doug and Carol Hoos.

The “youngest citizen” was Bexton Allen Stieb, son of Bradi and Jake Stieb.

Winners of the All American Pastimes theme were the Hoos family. followed by the Sumner Saddle Club in second.

First place in the commercial/business section was Rick Shoemaker’s air boat for Huss Livestock Market and Lexington Livestock Market. Second place went to Evan’s Epic Fireworks of Amherst.

The antique auto first-place winner was a 1930 Model A Roadster street rod driven by Gary Hazzard of Kearney. A 1930 Model A Coupe driven by Tim Heusman took second place.

Easton Kalb and his 1962 Ford Galaxy took first place in the classic auto section, with Brian Borden taking second in his 1950 Ford F-150 pickup.

The horse and rider section winner was Lafonna Wempen on her horse Mickey the Famous Dancing Horse. Kay Meyers and her horse Dolly took second.

The youth section winners went to Sumner’s Pigtail Twin Valley league back-to-back champions followed by S-E-M’s FFA float in second.

In the club section, Sumner’s Saddle Club won first place ahead of the American Legion, Auxiliary and Sons of Legion.

First and second place for antique tractor went to Lonny and Charlotte Schnacker with their International Model H and International Model 460.

An extra special category winner went to the Joe Dodd family for their float in remembrance of Joe, who died earlier this year.

“People come from all over the state and country to spend time with their families and take in the Sumner parade,” Stolp said. “It’s become a yearly tradition that just keeps growing. We are so lucky to have an event like this that brings so much to the community.”

The football field was a major attraction after the parade, as foot races were run and a U.S. Army Chinook helicopter was on display.

A car show took place to the west of Tub’s Pub as car enthusiasts checked out the cars parked alongside the street.

Many families gathered at the park for kids games and live music featuring Flatbed All Stars.

The day came to a colorful conclusion with fireworks being set off all over town.

“We had a great turnout and such a fun week,” said board member Kristen Triplett.


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'All American Pastimes': Sumner's annual Fourth of July parade (2024)
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